Neil French is probably the World's foremost teacher of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, having trained more people in the use of Hypnosis than any other person living or dead. 

Neil French is the author of the book Successful Hypnotherapy published by Thorsons in 1984, and the Training Programme of the same name. He was in Private Practice as a Hypnotherapist from circa 1974 until semi-retirement in 2000.

After amassing sufficient graduates of the  training programme, he was responsible for creating the IAH - International Association of Hypnoanalysts, which, under his stewardship, rose to be the largest and most successful group of Hypnotherapists in Europe.

'Google'  search "Neil French Hypnotherapy" for lots of information about Neil and comments from students he has trained, and is still training.

Neil French is universally credited with having created the concept of 'free association hypnoanalysis', which brought Freudian Psychoanalysis into the 20th/21st Century, and which has brought relief to multi-thousands of sufferers worldwide.

Neil is an amusing and accomplished after dinner speaker, calling upon his eclectic background, an experienced radio broadcaster, and has appeared many times on television.

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A personal message from Neil French :  Hi, and welcome to my site.  I have spent over half my life in Hypnotherapy, and, although I claim now to be semi-retired, truth is - you never can - people will not let you, and Hypnotherapy has the great advantage that "the older you get, the wiser you get, the better you get".   Many times have I heard someone say; "You helped my 'brother/sister/mother/father' so, please, you must help me"  Would, or could, you refuse ?

I was barely 35 when I started in Private Practice, and just 40 when I wrote my book, and the Training Programme, Successful Hypnotherapy; which, I must immodestly say, was light years ahead of its time, and has remained at the cutting edge throughout the years. 

For details of the Course in its original format,  see my page TRAINING COURSE.  This original Distance Learning Course, as I am now again offering it, has served to bring self-enlightenment and self-improvement, to thousands, and put hundreds of hypnotherapists into practice around the world. It is equally valid today, and can bring you the same self-enlightenment, self-improvement, and the same skills and knowledge. I believe "if it 'ain't broke - don't mend it" so I do not propose any alterations to the original format. I am the sole Course Tutor and contactable 24/7. I want my writings to survive me, ( not for any self-angrandisement reasons - which I would not be here to see anyway ) but because I know that which I learned, what I have taught, what I am still teaching, has much to offer humanity. It would be criminal if it died with me - not that I have any plans to "go" yet awhile. Think on this : The Institute of Psychoanalysis grades it's analysts by how long they can keep people in therapy - one year, two year, etc.  I would reprimand any Hypnoanalyst who kept his client in therapy beyond ten sessions. Even more amazing; hypnoanalysis will produce far better results, at a tiny fraction of the fees. 

Read my amazing offer of an introductory lesson of the course completely free of charge, with no obligation whatsoever - just email me the  words "free lesson" now, and I will email you access codes to the pages containing lesson 2, with no obligation on your part whatsoever.  That Lesson will give you a clear indication of the standard of that which follows. 

It is also worth mentioning that many, if not most, of the UK Hypnotherapy organisations, of which there are legion, are headed by ex-students of mine, who also undertook the Course in it's original format. It has served them well, and can do YOU too.

One particular pleasure for me, is hearing from former students. I love to hear from you and learn what you have done with your training. 


if you would like, or have worn out your copy of 'relaxalongatherapist' please see separate page on this site.

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