I wrote the book "Successful Hypnotherapy" way back in 1983 and at that time it was published by Thorsons in the UK.  ( It was also published in Spanish as "Hipnoterapia Eficaz"  by Lidiun in Buenos Aires.)

 I have now edited the copy and made some 'modern day' changes and it now available in both English and Spanish

I have published the updated versions in English and Spanish in the form of a website where it can either be read from screen or downloaded.

The cost to access the Book is £8,00.

The Book contains about 30% of the written material of my Hypnotherapy Training Course but obviously not the eighteen audio recordings.

Use the PayPal "Buy Now" button to pay £8,00 and PayPal send me an automated notification.  I then send you the link and the access codes to the website - usually within a few hours.

When you hit the "Buy Now" button you are transferred to the secure site of PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay.