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The book 'Successful Hypnotherapy''  by Neil French is available from this site as a download.

 Neil French was in Private Practice as a Hypnotherapist from circa 1974 and is universally accredited with having created the concept of 'free association hypno-analysis'.  which brought Freudian Psychoanalysis into the 20th/21st Century and which has brought relief to multi-thousands of sufferers worldwide.

The original distance learning course has brought self-enlightenment and self-improvement to thousands and has put hundreds of hypnotherapists into practice around the world. It is equally valid today.

Listen to Neil via the Free Audio Download of "Relaxalongatherapist"

A Quote from Gil Boyne the late great author of 'Transforming Therapy': 

 "Neil French, your pioneering work in the UK has created an international reputation. I salute you."