Neil French is probably the World's foremost teacher of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

 having trained more people in the use of Hypnosis than any other person, living or dead. 

A Quote from Gil Boyne the late, great, author of 'Transforming Therapy': 

 "Neil French, your pioneering work in the UK has created an international reputation. I salute you." 

For details of the Successful Hypnotherapy Training Course please follow the link  TRAINING COURSE

Neil French is the author of the book 'Successful Hypnotherapy''  (Hipnoterapia Exitosa en EspaƱol) which is available from this site
 also  the Training Program of the same name.              successfulhypnotherapy-thebook.php

 He was in Private Practice as a Hypnotherapist from circa 1974 until semi-retirement in 2000.

Neil French is universally credited with having created the concept of 'free association hypno-analysis'. 
This brought Freudian Psychoanalysis into the 20th/21st Century and has brought relief to multi-thousands of sufferers worldwide.

The original distance learning course has served to bring self-enlightenment and self-improvement to thousands. 

It has put hundreds of hypnotherapists into practice around the world. 

It is equally valid today and can bring you the same self-enlightenment, self-improvement and the same skills and knowledge. 

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