Neil French is semi-retired. His book called 'Successful Hypnotherapy' is available from this site and is also published in Spanish as "Hipnoterapia Eficaz"

He has taught the concept of Hypno-analysis as he created it in the late nineteen seventies to thousands of his students throughout Europe and the world.

Neil French was influenced strongly by the writings of Sigmund Freud but became convinced that Freud had missed the very 'Alchemist's Stone' he was searching for by abandoning his use of hypnosis. According to Neil; "Freud had never truly appreciated that a person in hypnosis can converse quite freely with the hypnotist".  Freud himself, "doubted his own efficacy as a hypnotist". 

The version of Hypno-analysis that Neil French produced has stood the test of time and has been instrumental in helping many multi-thousands of people achieve psychological growth and relief from distressing symptoms.  Follow the link TRAINING COURSE for details.

This interpretation of hypno-analysis that Neil French created nearly four decades ago was and still is unique. It is fair to say that his discovery that 'free association' within the 'state' of hypnosis would lead the person to a cathartic release from 'repressed' or concealed trauma was totally revolutionary. Nobody before him had realised this. 

There are those who assert that "false memory syndrome" can occur and Neil's response is "Critics by their very words reveal the extent to which either, they have not read my works or, having read them, have not understood one written word"  He makes no apology for a direct quote from Freud.  

Many academics do not believe in the concept of "repression".  Neil responds; "I do not need to believe ....... I know." and makes no apology for quoting  Carl Gustav Jung.

The vast majority of the renowned practitioners; Emil Coue, Franz Anton Mesmer or more recently Milton H Erickson, Dave Elman, Gil Boyne, Paul McKenna, et al. had been and in many cases still are, relying on directed regression if indeed they used or use  regression techniques at all. The vast majority being content with the use of Hypnotic Suggestion or NLP techniques. 

Neil French discovered, possibly/probably even invented  the concept of hypno-analysis. Certainly created the concept of free association within hypnosis. He asserts that the vast majority of 'instant' hypnosis therapies offering relief from symptoms in just one session are really only 'suggestion therapy couched in analytical terms'. Further investigation of such therapies reveal the results to be short lived.

His belief in the doctrine of "cause and effect" is absolute. Find and investigate the original cause and the effect will be resolved.

The subject of 'past life regression' was glossed over in the original   Successful   Hypnotherapy  Course as Neil wished to keep the course as black and white as possible. In fact, he has researched the subject quite extensively, see page within this site.

Neil French at one time served in the Royal Military Police and then Neil joined the civil Police where he served for seven years,  three/four  of which were as a Detective Officer on Merseyside. He attended a University Course on "Forensic Criminology" where, again to quote Neil, he 'learnt very little' except for the fact that the professor teaching the Course was 'ape' on the subject of Hypnosis. He convinced most  students, especially Neil French, that witness interviewing under hypnosis would yield far more detailed results.

A few years later and it all gelled together as Neil undertook a local authority course  in psychology. Then further training with the then National Council of Psychotherapists, add to that a mountain of reading on the subject and a Hypnotherapist was born circa 1974.

One memory he retained from his army service in Kenya was of a tribal initiation ceremony where adolescent males are introduced to manhood later. This led him to create "the blow-away technique" for the treatment of juveniles. To learn more about this amazing technique just follow the link.