The original Successful Hypnotherapy Training Programme has been at the cutting edge since the early nineteen eighties. For Hypnosis and Therapy training, personal insight and self-improvement it has no equal. It has withstood the test of time. 

The Course in it's original format served thousands of Students well and will continue to do so at a fraction of the cost of other training programmes. 

By the time you have studied this Course You will understand what makes people 'tick' and why. Your understanding of your fellow man and, most importantly, your understanding of yourself will be unique. 

Should you decide 'post course' upon Hypnotherapy as a career it is both rewarding and satisfying.  Just two from hundreds and hundreds of lovely testimonials :

 "Neil French. meeting you was the second best thing that ever happened to me.......    Your training course got me out of a soul destroying job into something quite wonderful and for which I will be eternally grateful."

 "My continued thanks and respect for your teaching, altering my path, success and giving me an opportunity to help others.  Without your wisdom and guidance, I  strongly suspect my life would have been completely different"

The lectures are in their unaltered original form, with just a few 'modern day comments' added. They are as relevant today as they were then.

The audio tapes have been converted into MP3 and they too are available as downloads accompanying the lectures.

The Course record speaks for itself. Sufficient to say that if it is personal insight you seek and in depth knowledge of your fellow man, together with the skills of hypnosis and self-hypnosis then look no further, it’s all in there. 

You will find the Course is remarkably easy to understand. 

The course will prepare you for private practice as a Hypnotherapist if that is your aim, as it already has for many, many hundreds of others.   Here a point of clarification:  There is no UK Governmental recognition of Hypnotherapy and thus the Training Course should be considered as interest only.


Full Course  :   =  £100.    Use the "BuyNow button".  You will be transferred to the Secure Site of PayPal who then send me an automated notification. I then email you the access codes. You do not need a PayPal account to pay.  Immediate refund in event of initial dissatisfaction


Lessons 1  Iabout the would be Therapist, and about the Law and the Duty of Care.  

Lessons 2  Introduces the Student to the concept of Character Types and their Symptoms and behaviour patterns. Obsessions & compulsions and anxiety are explained, all of which should bring tremendous personal insight. Just this lesson alone. will bring you to an understanding of yourself and others (including your own children) which few on this planet possess.  Four audio recordings accompany. 


Lessons 3 & 4   Explains the formation of our individual characters, and our sexual development, all in a very straightforward and down to earth manner. More  amazing personal insight for the Student. Mention is made of the concept of psycho-analysis by hypnosis. Three audio recordings accompany. 


Lessons 5 & 6  Explains hypnotic, and post hypnotic suggestion, and further explains how we are influenced by suggestion, again providing more self-insight to the Student. The aims and objectives of Therapy are outlined.  Two audio recordings accompany.


Lessons 7 & 8  Full explanation of the Therapy in how to language. Treatment of children outlined . Sexual deviations elaborated on.  Two audio recordings accompany.


Lessons 9 & 10  Hypnosis is finally fully explained and demonstrated.  The Student acquires even more self-insight by the use of self-hypnosis for self-improvement.  Four audio recordings accompany.  


Lessons 11 & 12  Dreams and their interpretation add more self-insight.  A couple of case histories make the Therapy even more understandable.  Two audio recordings accompany. 

Please play this Introduction mp3 either from screen or download viva 3 dots on the right


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