The Blowaway Technique for the treatment of adolescents was invented circa 1978 by Neil French and has been used by countless therapists upon countless children since.    The technique is intended to be used by qualified therapists but a special word to any  parent  contemplating using the technique upon their own child: You are in fact possibly the person most suited to assist your youngster but there are pitfalls to avoid. You should also appreciate that you could quite unwittingly have been an originating cause. All that and more is covered in detail in the 'blowaway' package as outlined below. 

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Neil French would be the first to admit, that it was pure chance, that brought him to create what he later called The Blowaway Technique. 

The year was 1978 and Neil had been practising Hypnotherapy for only a few years but already had made the momentous discovery that by verbally free-associating within hypnosis a person could bring themselves to repressed material and by a process of catharsis release themselves from neurosis. This was a break through of momentous proportions to the process of psycho-analysis.

However;  the process of psycho-analysis was and still is, totally unsuited to children of immature years.

Why? Because it is inevitable that during the verbalisation using free-association matters sexual will arise. That is the way of things with humans. Appreciate that the person is recounting their recall to an adult Therapist. It becomes obvious that for a child to do so could potentially do more harm than good. 

Either they would not disclose the thoughts or, if they did, then they would in their own mind be “talking dirty talk”. 

In the nineteen fifties Neil had served in Kenya at the time of that country’s struggle for independence. Whilst there he was very privileged to watch and be fascinated by a tribal initiation ceremony.

The young male pubescent were being inducted into manhood. There was much smoking, dancing and spear waving. Also much rhythmic chanting which seemed that the lads were being asked to ‘cast out their devils’ and from time to time one would break from the chant and let out a wailing screaming sound. 

Over twenty years later whilst musing at his desk Neil asked himself whether there could be any connection between those initiation ceremonies and the absence of certain ‘neuroses’ within the adults of so many tribes. 

In particular he was aware from his own research that the blight of Migraine is unknown throughout the central African tribes. Even those who are later ‘westernised’ by location and by diet still do not suffer the problem. He convinced himself that the ‘devils’ the boys had been casting out were in fact repressions and there most certainly had been no verbalisation or free-association taking place. 

Most importantly he had realised, with the advantage of hindsight, that the youngsters had unquestionably entered a hypnotic state. 

Ten out of ten for theory but how to prove that it was right.  A volunteer was needed. A child of tender years suffering from a nervous disorder.

Chance intervened; A telephone enquiry from a lady: “Do you treat children, because I have a 12 year old daughter whose life is being spoiled by bed-wetting". The chance had arrived. 

Neil had been quietly confident before utilising the technique for this first time that a result was likely.  Afterwards, according to the mother and according to the father and most importantly, according to the girl, a miracle had taken place and bed-wetting became a thing of the past. 

He received the loveliest of letters from the girl which also enclosed Dad’s cheque for the session fee.  

Neil now knew for certain that with a juvenile pre-puberty it was possible to release pathogenic repressed material without recourse to protracted sessions and verbal outpourings. What a result.

Neil never sought, nor wanted to seek sole possession of the technique, although of course copyright is automatically vested in himself as the Author.  Some other Hypnosis Schools teach the method without mention or credit to its creator.  However; ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

Who to use the technique upon and for what problems? Sufficient to say it would be a much happier world if EVERY youngster pre-puberty, was at the receiving end.   Although designed initially for juveniles many have had success with the method upon adults; particularly the elderly.